Beginner Voters' Perceptions of Joko Widodo in The 2019 Election

Syahrur Razy, Winarno Winarno, Rusnaini Rusnaini


2019 is an election year, and the Indonesian people elect the President and Vice President and members of the
House of Representatives. The Indonesian people will determine who will lead the next five years, especially
the President and Vice President with the candidate Joko Widodo - Ma'ruf Amin and challenger Prabowo
Subianto - Sandiaga Uno. The purpose of this study was to determine the perceptions of first-time voters at
SMAN 5 Surakarta against the presidential candidate Joko Widodo and to use the perception map for new voters
at SMAN 5 Surakarta to assess the presidential candidate Joko Widodo. This research method is a survey
method and is included in the type of descriptive research. The data collection method used a questionnaire. The
sample in this study was the first voters at SMAN 5 Surakarta, amounting to 56 students who had voting rights
in the 2019 elections and were taken using a purposive sampling technique. Based on the results of the research,
respondents expect that the candidate for President of the Republic of Indonesia must be firm, dignified,
dignified, have people's spirit, honest, free of corruption, known to the public (society), have a nationalist spirit,
be able to represent young leaders and be able to bring change. The results of the perception map show that the
candidate for Joko Widodo has indicators, namely populist, honest, free of corruption, known to the public
(society), a nationalist spirit, being able to represent young figures, and being able to bring change to have the
highest value of respondents.


Beginner Voters, Perception Map, Joko Widodo

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