Feasibility Analysis of Alternative Assessment Instruments Based Creative Problem Solving (CPS) By Experts: Rasch Model

Zainul Anwar, Muslim Muslim, Dadi Rusdiana


The study was conducted to analyze the feasibility of an alternative creative problem solving (CPS) assessment instrument on the work and energy concept by experts using the Rasch model. The method is descriptive qualitative using the rasch model analysis. The research sample consisted of 8 people with the characteristics of content, language construction experts. The results of the analysis show that the average observation starts from no logit for the choice of score 1 (strongly disagree), then the choice of score 2 (disagree) is -3.73, then for a score of 3 (agree) the logit is +0.26, and the score 4 (strongly agree) the logit is +5.24. the respons shows stable and reliability respond are good. The answers from respondents were stable and showed valid, while the reliability of the content of alternative assessment based on creative problem solving (CPS) shows that the consistent answers from respondents are good, but the quality of the items in the instrument is weak with the Cronbach alpha value (KR 20) equal to .86, so this instrument can be used.


assessment alternative, creative problem solving (CPS), rasch model

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