The Correlation Between Biology Teacher Learning Strategies During The Covid-19 Pandemic on Student Motivation

Riszeky Puja Kurniawan, Insar Damopolii, Silvia H. Kusuma Sirait


There is a ban on face-to-face learning during the Covid-19 pandemic. This condition forces teachers to find
adequate learning strategies so that their students are motivated to learn. The present research article aimed to
reveal the correlation between biology teacher learning strategies during the Covid-19 pandemic on student
motivation. The correlational method was used in this research. A total of 191 senior high school students were
taken as a sample. An online questionnaire was an instrument for collecting data. Data analysis used simple
regression. The research result was showed that p < 0.05 and R = 0.610. These findings indicate that there was a
strong correlation between biology teacher learning strategies on student learning motivation. This research
concluded that using appropriate strategies during the Covid-19 pandemic encourages students to be motivated to


biology teacher, covid-19 pandemic, learning strategy, motivation

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