Mathematical Critical Thinking Ability of Junior High School Students With The Problem Based Learning Model Using Google Classroom

Elia Mustika Sarih, Jarnawi Afghani Dahlan


The purpose of this study was to describe the mathematical critical thinking ability of junior high school students
with a problem-based learning model using google classroom. This research was conducted at SMPN 15 Bandung
with 28 grade VII students. This type of research uses case studies with inductive data analysis techniques
including: data reduction, data presentation, drawing conclusions and verification. The instruments used were tests
of mathematical critical thinking skills and interview guides. This study concluded that most junior high school
students' mathematical necessary thinking skills with the pobrlem base learning model using google classrooms
were classified as medium. Students who have a high level of critical thinking skills tend to solve all the questions
on the 5 indicators of critical thinking. Students with moderate abilities tend to answer questions with the correct
concept but the answers are incomplete. While students who have low essential skills of thought tend to only
answer 2 to 3 question indicators and the answers given are incorrect and incomplete.


google classroom; problem based learning model; the mathematical critical thinking ability

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