The Importance of Self-Management Skills for Students in Conducting Online Learning

Lisa Afrilia


The pandemic of COVID-19 causes the halt of regular learning process. Hence, the learning process officially
switched into e-learning system. Conducting online learning integrates the technology of information and
communication to our education system. The learning process in the outbreak fully uses gadgets and internet
connection. However, students confront difficulties in online learning because it is a something new that they never
experienced before. Students mostly find difficulty in maintaining their self-management skills such as how to
manage their time, how to spend their money and how to maintain their emotions in online learning. The author
believes that students just need an assistance to adapt with the distance learning that make the teachers and students are not in the same place to conduct teaching and learning process. Basically, we are the only persons that are responsible of ourselves. The author has a desire to discuss the importance of self-management skills for students in conducting online learning by writing this article. The aim of this paper is to inform the ways to improve our self-management skills to be able to undergo the e-learning process so that the quality of our education will not be reduced although we conduct it by online learning system. The paper conducts qualitative data with literature review. The suggestions provided here are the incorporation of self-experience and literature review.


e-learning; emotional management; financial management; management skills; students; time management

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