The Use of Reading Comprehension Strategies to Improve Students Achievement in TOEFL Score

Nurhalimah Nurhalimah, Sumarsih Sumarsih, Rahmad Husein


This research investigated the improving students’ achievement in their TOEFL score on Reading Comprehension Strategies, Test, to acquire the data, the researchers used the instrument of this research was test and use two method: 1. Interview guide, 2. Reading Comprehensions Test I, II, and III with giving the different items. And the technique of collecting data by test and observation, and the result conclude that reading strategies in reading comprehension. It can be supposed that after give till three test then student improve their achievement in TOEFL score. While improving it continuously, test its need process while on giving this tests during use by reading comprehension found that from students MAN 2 Model Medan, UNIMED, and Mathematic UMSU. The number of students 5 students consisting of 4 males and 1 female found each of them from the last test got good score 83, 14 from mean score 45,73. That it was indicated that shows the students score by using reading comprehension strategies have improved in each that test.

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