Improving Students Vocabulary by Using Song Lyrics at Seventh Grade Students at SMP N 1 Beringin Lubuk Pakam 2020

Nurhalimah Nurhalimah, Sumarsih Sumarsih, Rahmad Husein


This research investigated improving students' vocabulary by using song lyrics, an action of the study conducted
in a classroom to increase the quality of teaching practices by Arikunto. Therefore, this research purposed to
solve the problems in the teaching-learning of English by listening skill. The study 3zthat was the seventh-grade
students of SMP N 1 Beringin Lubuk Pakam consisting of 31 students, four males, and 27 females. The method
is interview guide, and test, to acquire the data, the research used of the instrument of this research was test; song sheets (lyric) were given the test, and actions. The test consisted of 55 items of filling in the missing words in the poems on test papers. The data was collected through examination and observation. In contrast, the statement
was made to know the students' attitude (qualitative data) during information research meanwhile, and the quantitative data was taken from the students' score in the test. Students got a mean score of 45,73, and they got
83,14. It shows that the student's vocabulary in listening skill has improved in each that test although didn't
assess score. The use of song lyric could improve the student's vocabulary in listening skill. And it was a
successful effort, but it still needed the treatment of suitable song activity to get the higher score.

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