Development Reading Textbook Model Based on Reading Process Approach for Elementary School Grade IV

Dedy Irawan, Dhi Bramasta, Kharisma Wardani


The instruction for the preparation of the full manuscript is detailed in this template file. The template is intended as a tool to assist you in the layout of your manuscript. It is encouraged that this template can be used for submission of manuscripts. Use of the template will save time during production and expedite publication. The aim of this research and development were to deliver textbook model of reading lessons based on a process approach, which was expected feasible and could be used to improve the students’ reading ability of grade IV. This research and development referred to research and development  steps of 4D model (Define, Design, Develop, and Disseminate). To collect the data used interview, document analysis, rating scale, and questionnaire. The result of the research and development was textbook model of reading lessons of theme 8 “My Residence Area†which is arranged in five steps of reading skill activities, that are (1) planning, (2) reading, (3) responding, (4)understanding, (5) expanding understanding.  This research and development had success  arranged book model with the contents of the book that were: (1) Picture of Opening Theme contains illustration about theme material which you are going to study, (2) Basic Competence describes scope of material which will be discussed in the subtheme, (3) The title of subtheme describe the subtheme of  the material which you  are going to study, (4) ) Picture of Opening Theme contains illustration about subtheme material which you are going to study, (5) The learning process contains reading material which you are going to study for one lesson. The lesson presented in this book adjust Integrated Thematic Book Curriculum 2013 which only contains Basic Competence of Indonesian reading skill aspect, because of that this book only presents certain lessons, (6) Planning contains activities that invite you to prepare before reading that are question and answer activities about material and consider the material which you are going to study, (7) Reading contains reading material which you are going to study. This activities were to train your skill in reading use model of read aloud, reading together, reading in pairs, guided reading, reading freely, (8) Responding contains activities to provide responses after reading the text of the reading material and discussing the results of your responses with friends and teachers, (9) Understanding contains activities to more understand reading material. Through re-reading activity, the students can find and learn new vocabularies. Contains activities to answer question about reading material, (10) Expanding understanding contain activities to expand understanding of reading material. Among them, it contains activities  re-writing the reading material or re-telling with their own language or sentences. In addition, it also contains activities to perform role-playing based on reading material, and (11) Let Summarize contains a chart to write the summary from learning material. Textbook lesson was declared feasible according material expert and media with category “very goodâ€, according book design experts with category “very goodâ€, and according teachers’ response with category “very goodâ€. Therefore the text book was declared feasible to be used improve students’ reading skill grade IV SD/MI.


Reading, Reading Process Approach, Textbook

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