Serayu Adjustable Dam and Fish Community on Serayu River Banyumas Residency

Susanto Susanto


The research was purposed to reveal and discover the fish community in Serayu River Banyumas Residency. It
includes (1) water quality described by physical and chemical parameters (temperature, flowrate, clarity,
dissolved oxygen level, and pH. Plankton species variation in Serayu River Banyumas Residency is also in our
concern to be discovered and to be described. (2) Fish species community structure (abundance, diversity, and
domination) in Serayu River Banyumas Residency. (3) Fish species abundance and diversity in Serayu River
Banyumas Residency on both upstream region and downstream region. (4) Serayu Adjustable Dam effects
toward fish species abundance and diversity in Serayu River Banyumas Residency. Research is done by survey
methods, with purposive random sampling methods. There were three research locations, in each of Klawing,
Logawa, and Tajum tributaries. Each research location is split into three stations: ± 300m before and after the
arm, and ± 300m before the feeder on the branch river. There were three sampling points in each station: right side, left side, and in the middle of the river. Fish sampling, plankton sampling, and aquatic physical and
chemical factors measuring were done at noon (08.00-14.00 Local Time) and at night (20.00-24.00 Local Time). Peripherals used were: spread nets and hands web. The research was done in two years, which replicated every three months, from October 2009 till July 2011.Data analysis including aquatic physical and chemical parameters and plankton species variation, fish abundance, fish species diversity, and domination. Studies done in this research were diverse analysis with software: Primer, Diverse, Cluster, and Multi-Dimensional Scaling (MDS). During the research, fishes caught were as many as 3.871 fishes divided into 29 Species, 20 Families, and 11 Ordos. Aquatic quality factors, including aquatic physical and chemical parameters: temperature, flowrate, clarity, dissolved oxygen, and pH and plankton species variation in Serayu River Banyumas Residency, were in good condition fishes life. Cyprinidae Family was found as the most variated species and most found species in individual numbers at Serayu River Banyumas Residency. There was low species diversity, but there weren't seen any dominance. Fish abundance in the Serayu river increasing toward downstream but discovered otherwise with fish diversity. The fish community upstream from Serayu Adjustable Dam differs from the fish community downstream from Serayu Adjustable Dam. Catadromic fish species and estuary fish species were only found in the area after Serayu Adjustable Dam. Serayu Adjustable Dam existence causing decreasing fish abundance and diversity in Serayu River Banyumas Residency, thus reduce fish community quality both in the area before and after the Dam.


Abundance, Diversity, Fish Community, Serayu Adjustable Dam, Serayu River Banyumas Residency

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