Local Colors in The Legend of Lawang Gede and Tamansari Balong Sites in Cirebon District

Nurul Atikah Fauzi, Sahid Teguh Widodo, Raheni Suhita


Legend is interpreted as one of the genres of oral folklore that describes the heroes' attitudes, social movements,
and local customs. Substantially, the code as a cultural product contains locality that reflects the culture of the
local community. As the city of culture, Cirebon is known to have many historical heritages related to legends.
Among them are the tales of Lawang Gede and Tamansari Balong sites in Gunung Jati District, Cirebon Regency. The researcher hopes this research can contribute to cultural literacy, which is a 21-century skill. This research is a descriptive qualitative study with an ethnographic approach. In obtaining the data, the researchers use interview, observation, and documentation techniques. The data will be processed and validated using triangulation. Data analysis activities consist of data reduction, data presentation, and verification. The results showed that the traditional Ngunjung ceremony in Mertasinga Village and Grogol Village in Cirebon Regency is a form of locality related to the Legenda of Lawang Gede and Tamansari Balong Sites.


lawang gede and tamansari balong sites, legends, local colors

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