Indigenous Scientific Approach in Baturraden School of Nature

Melati Ismi Hapsari, Desti Pujiati, Mira Safar


Life skills, creativity, and analytical and critical thinking capability are crucial as a learning outcome for early childhood education programs. Unfortunately, there are some problems in the practice of learning for early childhood. Many schools only focused on academic outcomes, concentrating on pencil and paper activity, using worksheets every day, reading, writing, and counting as primary learning targets. There is much criticism about this phenomenon. The enormous social problems like violence, free sex, sex abuse, bullying, and drugs, have contradictive eastern Indonesian values. There is a wide gap between students and the character of local identity. These are also urgent problems for early childhood. Students are more familiar with western values through songs, films, games, and superheroes' character.  This study aims to describe the dynamics of an indigenous scientific approach based on nature in Baturaden Green School for early childhood students. Baturraden Green School is an alternative school that offers the exploration learning activity every day, with the heart as a media and learning resources, and insert the local wisdom with the scientific approach on the learning practice every day. Baturaden Green School is located on the foot of Slamet Mountain, which has many local values like myth, tradition, and the beauty of natural tourism destinations.


indigenous, scientific approach, school of nature

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