Women Existence in The Novel Men Coblong by Oka Rusmini as A Teaching Material

Suryanto Suryanto, Andayani Andayani, Nugraheni Eko Wardani


Fictional works describe individual or group problems in an imaginary world. This problem can explore through
fictional works such as short stories or novels. The various issues that arise in literary works are products of real
life. What needs to be understood is that the literature contains the author's vision and the reader's ideas. More than that, literary works hold some messages and values. On that basis, this study aims to describe and interpret the existence of women in Oka Rusmini's Men Coblong novel. The analysis results of the women characters' presence in the novel expect to use as literary teaching materials in higher education institutions that orientate towards character education. This research is descriptive qualitative research with a feminist approach. This research's data are the existence of female characters in the data source in the form of Oka Rusmini's Men Coblong novel. The data collected using reading and note-taking techniques. The collected data were analyzed using interactive analysis techniques. The results showed that in the MenCoblong novel, there were women who became other figures, intellectual women, and working women. The study results towards women's existence in Men Coblong novel can use as literary teaching materials.


existence, literary works, women

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