Perception and Attitudes of High School Students in APIT River to Mangrove Ecosystem to Support Eduekowisata Area

Hadi Purwanto, Agusminarti Agusminarti, Neng Sholihat, Fatimah Suri


This study aims to determine the extent of perceptions and attitudes of students of SMA Negeri 2 Sungai Apit
and SMA Negeri 3 Sungai Apit on the function of mangrove ecosystems to support mangrove eduecotourism
area. The research was conducted from May to August 2020. This type of research is descriptive research and
data collection using questionnaires, documentation, interviews and observations. The sample in this study were
66 students. There are two variables in this study, namely perceptions and attitudes, and each variable has
several indicators. Perception variable (physical function of mangrove forest (77.94%), biological function of
mangrove forest (80.18%), economic function of mangrove forest (83.24%), function of mangrove forest in
eduecotourism (81.74%) } and attitude variables {curiosity (88.62%), communication (88.62%), environmental
care (86.62%), social care (87.88%), responsibility (87.69%)} . The two variables and nine indicators can
describe how 81% (moderate) perceptions and attitudes of 86.81% (high) students at Sungai Apit State Senior
High School.


attitudes, eduecotourism, mangrove ecosystems, perception

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