The Application of Smart Canteen

Heri Heryono, Ari Purno Wahyu


Recently, modern people have various dishes to be chosen. Yet, some people still have a lack of information
regarding those dishes' nutrition. It refers to the workload and time they had when the mealtime has arrived.
When they are in the workplace region, shopping centers, or even government organizations, they tend to get
food in the cafeteria or canteen. It seems to be the most straightforward choice for them to get food or dishes in
their break time. The mobile platform application emerges as a required tool for controlling and monitoring the
nutrition they received to their body. By the simplicity of the smart canteen application, the people do not need
to go to the hospital to get detailed information. The answer to the matter is the requirement to make an
application that can perceive the food and show the food's dietary structure. The strategy utilized is an
information base that contains food pictures that have been changed over into a data set. The calculation with
SVM and Neural-Network are required to determine the result in the form of image analysis. It might recognize
the sort of food, and all the while distinguish if the food is halal. The research outcomes were using 5000
datasets with the precision accuracy above 80%.


neural-network, smart canteen, SVM

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