Implementation of Digital Educational Games to Improve Learning Outcomes for Senior High School Students

Listika Yusi Risnani, Muhammad Rizal Kurniawan


The development of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) currently requires teachers to make
learning innovations, one of which is learning media, namely digital educational games. This study aims to
determine the effectiveness of implementing digital educational games to improve high school students' learning
outcomes. This research type is a pre-experimental design with a one shoot case study conducted in class X
Mathematics and Natural Sciences in Biology at SMA N 1 Kutasari. The digital educational game used is the
digital education game "Adventure of Plant," developed using the ADDIE model (Analyze, Design, Development,
Implementation, Evaluation). The data collection techniques used were test techniques and questionnaires. The
instruments used were in the form of a test instrument (Pretest-Postest) and a questionnaire. Data were analyzed
using quantitative descriptive and statistical analysis using the Mann-Whitney U test. The results showed that the
pretest means the value was 57.37 (sufficient) with a standard deviation of 8.87, and the posttest means the value
was 77.24. (good) with a standard deviation of 8.74. The Mann-Whitney U test results showed a very significant
difference (Sig. 0,000) between learning outcomes before and after the implementation of digital educational
games. The performance of educational games also gives positive responses from students and teachers. Students
provide an assessment of three aspects of the game: the learning aspect, the material aspect, and the display aspect, with a score of 3.34 - 3.56 (very good). The teacher's assessment results show a score of 3.0-3.45 in three aspects, namely the content aspect, the objective aspect, and the instructional aspect. This study concludes that the implementation of digital educational games effectively improves the learning outcomes of class X students at
SMA N 1 Kutasari, Purbalingga.


digital educational games, learning outcomes, Plantae material, learning media

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