Nineteen As God (1) and Worship (9) to Show Mirror Shadow in Mathematics due to Economic With COVID

R Mochamad A


The study was intended to analyze the reflections of worship as the universe's design by God as the creator of it to
be human. The parallel universe is linked to the economic dynamics of the covid pandemic mathematically and
hahslm. In interconnection integration, it takes ontology for the basis of theoretical development. It identifies the
problem of Islamic meaning in the dichotomy of religious science and science that requires a central theory to
bridge spiritual science with science. Object research is a Qur’an verse about qs. Adz-dzariyat [51]:56 that God
did not create jin and man except for worship. This verse will serve as an ontology of the universe's presence, with
its contents including jin and man. The study used a qualitative descriptive approach from the Qur’an review
literature, hadiths, journals, books, and Internet media. The methodologies used are mathematics triangulation,
reflexes, and thinking with hahslm theory. Studies have shown that the creator's reflectivity from salat to the first
design of creation produced the universe. The simultaneous integration of interconnections would bring religious
dualism and knowledge into a comprehensive science through multidiscipline, interdisciplinary, and
transdisciplinary. The creator and salat's symbols are stored in 19 mathematically in the covid-19 pandemic that
also occurs in hahslm or 472319. This pandemic era brought economies into turmoil in Indonesia and globally.


covid-19; economics; mathematics; qur’an

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